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The Best Way to End the School Year

It's that time of the school year…[thrive_2step id='2309′]the end of the school year![/thrive_2step]

Raise your hand if you are ready for the last day of school! I mean ready as in you're tired-running-out-of-ideas- and-pretty-sure-that-if-you-see-one-more-fidget-spinner-you-will-scream… ready?!

Are you raising your hand?

Me too!

That's why I have the BEST way to end the school year… are you ready…

FREE end of year activities and ideas that will keep your second a and third graders engaged up to the last day!




Yes, themes!

As in beach day or bubble day!

What do you think?!!

Having a themed day(s) at the end of the year breaks up the monotony of the regular school day, and are a lot more memorable! The kids won't expect it and they will be eager and ready (to learn)! Making your last days of school so much nicer and less overwhelming. You can have fun and have it educational! Although it might take a little bit of planning, your students will not be bouncing off the walls or causing too many behavior problems.

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FREE end of year activities and ideas that will keep your second a and third graders engaged up to the last day!

So how do you have a themed day? Here are some simple steps to take.

Build Your Own Theme Day
Here's how you can do it in three easy steps!

1. Pick a Theme

You know your students and you know what they like so you can pick the theme. If you prefer their input though, you can have them help you generate a list of themes, or have them vote from choices you give them. Below are some easy and common ones:

  • Bubble Day
  • Watermelon Day
  • Beach Day
  • Pirate Day
  • Backward Day
  • Science Day
  • Friendship Day
  • Olympics Day
  • Field Day
  • Fidget Spinner Day (Hmmm? On second thought… that might make them more fidgety…haha)

2. Find Resources that Match the Theme

Set the Theme
Get creative and imaginative… anything can become something.

Take a blanket for example. Just an ordinary blanket. If you're doing a beach day, take it outside, lay it on the grass, and it becomes a towel on hot sand. If you're doing a pirate day, throw it over some chairs and it becomes a Pirate's Reading Fort.

You can also get creative in what kids wear the last few days. For example: If it's Pirate Day have the students wear red, black and white, striped clothes. For Beach Day, kids can take their shoes off in class and pretend they're on the beach.

Find Activities 
You'll also need to find some fun activities students will want to do related to the theme.

  • Read books about the theme
  • Write opinion or how-to's around the theme
  • Use art materials to draw or create based on the theme you choose

Let's say you choose Slime Day! Students can read science books. They can write a how-to book on creating slime or a narrative story about a kid that likes/hates/eats/makes slime. You get the picture. Of course, the fun part would to try and create slime or to find a slime recipe and have the kids make it at home.

3. Gather Materials

The easier you keep your theme, the less you have to gather! Or encourage your student to bring items too. For example for science day, you can have students bring in boxes, bottle caps, toilet rolls, wrappers, plastic baggies, foil, straws etc. and have them create a robot or a paper car to race.

Some other materials you might already have at home that can be used: soap for making bubbles, balloons for a volleyball toss, yarn to make friendship bracelets, popsicle sticks to make frames, or kitchen sponges for a water race!

If this still seems a little overwhelming, I want to help!


I created a FREE three week themed email series where I send you ideas and activities for the end of the school year!

You don't have to do the work…I've done it for you! You get to enjoy 3 themes that have all been planned out and include ideas, activities, and printables that you can start right away! Below is a sneak peak of the 30+ free printables you will receive!

You can have the [thrive_2step id='2309′]BEST End of Year EVER[/thrive_2step]
with all the FUN without the FUSS (for FREE)!

Just sign up below and tomorrow you will get an email filled with activities and ideas that you can use right away!


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