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Secrets For An Awesome Back to School Letter

As you're heading back to school (virtually or in person) and looking for something special to do for your students, you should consider sending them a letter! I'm sharing with you the secrets to an awesome welcome back letter!

Write a welcome back letter to your students as you head back to school this fall!

Just think about it…

Kids never get anything in the mail. Heck…besides emails, kids might never interact with mail. Getting a letter from their teacher before school starts would definitely stand out with your students and will make them feel special! Regardless if you are starting school virtually or in person a letter will go a long way in starting to build the classroom community you want.

With these secrets…

…you will be able to write a letter in no time!

I know that the start of the year has a lot of small tasks that will take up your time… but this is worth your time. It's investing a little time at the beginning of the year to have great returns later on!

Here's why sending your students a letter would be such a benefit and helpful secrets to writing the perfect welcome back student letter!

Secret #1: Show them that you care about them from the start!

A letter is a perfect way to start on the right foot. Before your students even meet you, they get a message from you that they matter.

Include short messages that you want them to know:

Whatever messages you plan on telling your students all year long, now is the time to start!

You can even give them a quote to start memorizing for the first day of school! Of course, you want to make it super easy so that everyone feels successful.

Something like:

  • “I can do anything!”
  • “My teacher believes in me!”
  • “Second grade will rock 'cause I rock!”

The point of the letter is to have the students feel welcomed from the start. Having them feel like their school year with you is going to be special!

Let Them Get to Know You

Sending a letter is a great way to introduce yourself. You can let your students know a little about yourself, and this helps them to get to know you. You can mention some of your favorites that kids can relate to, such as foods, color, movie characters, superheroes, etc.

Oh, and if you did something fun over the summer, tell them about it in the letter. For some reason, kids don't always realize that teachers have a life outside of the classroom. (Well, sometimes we don't…)

Secret #2: Add a picture of yourself!

It could be just you, you on vacation or with your family! Regardless, adding a picture makes your letter that much more fun read! Bonus, the students will know what you look like and can look for you on the first day!

Write a welcome back letter to your students as you head back to school this fall!

Secret #3:  Explain a little bit of what to expect on the first day of school.

Jitters! Jitters!

The first day of school can be a little stressful for some students, especially for primary students. (I've had my fair share of criers!) Sending a letter home before school starts can help calm some of those jitters.

Ideas to include in your letter:

  • Where to meet in the morning
  • what to expect during the first few minutes of walking into your classroom
  • Hint at a surprise or a fun activity you have planned

Here's an example: “When you get to school, look for the number 12 and line up! I will be outside greeting everyone, and I will say hi to you! Then we will go to the classroom and have lots of fun. On the first day of school, we will color, read stories, sing songs, learn all about 2nd grade, and I even have a surprise for you!”

Secret #4: Make sure you are addressing the students.

Secret #4 might seem obvious, but it's worth mentioning! While parents will read it, you still want your student to know/feel that it was written just for him or her!

If you would like, you can also send the parents a more formal letter to introduce yourself. If you are going this route, then make sure you have two separate letters.

So are you ready to write a letter?! Here is a rough outline of what you can include in your letter!

  • Welcome them to their new grade
  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell them what to expect
  • Give any special directions for the first day
  • Include a picture

Even though these secrets might seem simple, put together, they will make for an awesome Welcome Back letter!

I know that when your students receive their letters, they will feel special and excited for the new year! It is a wonderful way to get your students looking forward to meeting you and creating positive connections with them!

A 2nd grade colorful student welcome letter sits on a notebook

With these simple and editable teacher letters, you can fill in your sections and send them out right away! You can even copy my sample letter! Just choose the design you want, fill in your information, and print!

Click here to check out: Back to School Editable Teacher Letters

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Secrets to an awesome welcome back letter for students. Write a welcome back letter to your students as you head back to school this fall!

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