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Creating a Growth Mindset Community

Whether you've been in school for several weeks or half of the year, it is never too late to create a growth mindset classroom community! Building a better understanding of growth mindset is key!

Teachers words and actions in the classroom carry a lot of weight as to whether or not students develop a growth mindset.

The following are ideas to help you ensure youโ€™re fostering a growth mindset learning environment.


  • Believe that all students can achieve at high levels.
  • Give equitable access to advanced learning experiences for all students.
  • Students and teachers believe in the ability to develop intelligence; explain to students that the brain can grow and make stronger connections.
  • Instruct students on cultivating perseverance, resiliency, and grit. (This is ongoing. Each new challenge might require it from them.)
  • Base your praise on effort, process, and strategies used.
  • Failure is looked at in a positive light. What can be learned from the error?
  • It's okay to make mistakes!

To help better communicate with students and parents, you can send notes home telling how your student is showing a growth mindset!

In my Resource Library, I have FREE positive mindset notes just for you! These cards are an easy way to honor students' efforts in maintaining a growth mindset! (If you are new to my blog, sign up for access to my Resource Library below.)


Interested in more notes, use these 40 individual notes with messages that are a perfect way to communicate with parents! Just print on bright colored paper, cut and hand them out! Click here to check them out!

growth mindset notes to encourage and motivate students

I hope that this helps get you started in thinking about ways that you encourage a growth mindset in your classroom!

I strongly believe that having a growth mindset is a ticket to building up successful students!

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