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October Digital Activities


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Use these October digital activities to engage your learners during distance learning, hybrid learning, or at-school. These are fun digital resources to be used with Google Slides and meant to be used anytime throughout the month.

What's included in this resource?

There are 8 virtual student activities that will be assigned on Google Slides through Google Classroom. Two of the activities are whole-class games that you can play. Three of the activities are independent work for students to complete.

For all of the activities, you can choose to assign every page or use a few each day of the week. Ready to practice break out rooms? Use the games to have students interacting with each other for short periods of time. Build their stamina while having fun!

Student directions on how to use the features of Google Slides are included in the activities that need further explaining.

#1: Guess the Image

This is a fun interactive game for students to guess what the image is. They’ll get two visual clues from the image before they are asked to guess. You can accept guesses from the whole class or groups of students. There are 20 images to guess within 5 categories: Halloween, Animals, Candy, and Challenge. The challenge images do not give a clue on the theme.

#2: Would You Rather

This is a whole class game with 20 slides. You can do a few slides a day or all at once. Just share your screen with the class and have fun!


  • Ask a few students to share their reasoning.
  • Use the questions to practice procedures and routines you are trying to establish. For example: track the speaker, listening to the person speaking, or breakout rooms.

#3: Jack-o-Lantern Glyph Craftivity

Continue to get to know your students as they build their own jack-o-lantern. Find out which kind of candy your students like? Who knows what their costume will be and more! Students will create their jack-o-lantern, name it, and write a short description of it. Then you can have them share their work with the whole class!

#4: Halloween Writing Prompts

Students have 3 Halloween themed writing prompts:

  • Opinion: The Best Halloween Costume
  • Informative: How to Get the Most Candy
  • Narrative: The Spookiest House

Each of the writing prompts includes a graphic organizer and a final draft slide. They also have an interactive component.

  • Opinion: Students will use the Explore Tool to find a costume that matches their opinion.
  • Informative: Students will share their writing with another student for peer-editing and feedback.
  • Narrative: Students will create a spooky house scene using ghosts, mummies, black cats, and more. After students create their spooky scene, they will get to write about it.

#5: Bats Reading and Responding

Students will read an informative text about October's favorite animals – bats! They will read about:

  • Bat body parts
  • Bat habitats
  • Bat food
  • Bat fun facts

Students will wrap up the activity by reflecting on new facts they learned.

#6: Character Education: Perseverance

Students will learn and reflect on what the character trait- perseverance. Through different character stories, students will learn the biggest traits of perseverance – not giving up, learning from mistakes, and understand that new learning takes time. I highly suggest debriefing the lessons as a whole class. They are great topics of discussion.

#7: Red Ribbon Week (*Just added)

Celebrate Red Ribbon week at the end of the month by reminding students of the importance of saying no to drugs and choosing to be healthy. Includes the 2020 theme Be Happy, Be Safe and Be Drug-free. Students will read two passages and answer questions and then complete three corresponding activities including signing a pledge.

#8: In-School COVID Safety

Students decide which student is following the correct protocol for safety and give advice to the student that isn't. Different scenarios include correct use of mask, hand washing (sanitizing), getting your temperature checked, standing to close to someone without a mask, letting the teacher know if you feel sick and more!


Please look at the preview for a more detailed view of each of the 8 activities.