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Giving Back


Grace-Filled Giving is all about acknowledging the graces I've received, and sharing them with others! This little business of mine has brought many blessings to me (and my family) and I am excited to share them with you! Simply put, I give because God has given to me!

While a percentage of my monthly earnings may not be astronomical, I am called to give graciously of what is mine. Because I'm passionate about teaching, I am committed to giving back to teachers that are passionate about teaching too!

It is my mission to help teachers across the country
fill their students' hearts and minds!

Each month, I will accept applications from teachers that are trying to get funded through Donors Choose. I will donate to teachers all across the country until this US map is filled! Your state could be filled in next!



The following is the criteria needed for your project to be considered:

  • You must be a primary teacher (grades K-3)
  • Your project should promote critical thinking
  • Your school should have at least 75% of students on free or reduced lunch
  • You're able to send a photo with permission to use on my FB/IG account (Permission and photos can be done through Donors Choose.)

If you are interested in applying to be the recipient of a donation, please write an email to with “Grace-Filled Giving” as the subject line. Include a brief explanation of what you are trying to get funded, how you will use it, and a link to your project! (100 words or less)

You can be the recipient of my next donation!

After giving, I'll color in the states that have received donations. If your state has already been given to, you are still welcome to apply! A colored state doesn't mean I won't give to you again! Believe me…you've always got shot at receiving a donation!



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