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FREE End of the Year Countdown Chain

It's time for the end of the year! And a countdown chain is a super fun and EASY way to tick off the days until the last day of school. However, it's not a typical chain. This End of the Year Countdown Chain has a FUN activity to do on each link!

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This End of Year Countdown Chain is FREE! You can download it for free, plus all of the ideas on the countdown chain will cost you zero dollars! Sign up below!

The countdown chain comes with 30 options; plenty to choose from.

First, decide when you will start the chain. Do you want to start the countdown when you have 20 days left? or 15 days left? Or even 5 days! You decide!

Then, look over the links and decide which ones will be easiest and most fun for you to do. Some might take more planning than others, and some might not work if you don't have the technology. Below are some of my favorite options.

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Yes Day

Have you seen the movie, Yes Day, on Netflix? Basically, the parents give their children a day in which they will say YES to everything that the children suggest. Let your daughter do your make-up and pick your outfit? Yes! Ice cream for breakfast? Yes! Go through the car wash — with the windows down?!! Yes! You get the idea. Now, in the movie, the parents do set parameters. There is a budget and a distance radius.

The End of Year Countdown Chain has a YES day! Your students would love it. Before you panic, don't worry! Just like in the movie, you get to set the parameters. Maybe it's a Yes Day, the last hour of the day or a Yes Day during math time. You get to decide what you feel comfortable with… and then… say, YES!

Dance Party

Oh, my gosh… is this fun! I left the number of minutes blank so that you can choose how long the dance party is for!

For some extra fun, sprinkle the dance parties in throughout the day. Have one after reading groups, math time, center time, etc. You can vary the minutes for each too.

Want to make the dance party even more fun? Have the students try and follow a dance – you know, like TikTok!

Here are 3 fun youtube videos that your students will enjoy.

Build the Tallest Tower Competition

I saved my favorite idea on the End of the Year Countdown Chain for last! Although this is pretty self-explanatory, I wanted to give you ideas on the materials to use. Basically, you can use anything! The easiest is to use math manipulatives. Want to see amazing towers? Use red solo cups or paper and tape. (Consider using paper from a recycle bin or old worksheets that didn't get used.) I suggest letting students work in teams, but if your school still has COVID restrictions, then, students can still work independently at their desks.

Make the Activities Work For You

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I purposefully left some of the ideas on the End of Year Countdown Chain vague. This way, you can decide how to use that chain. You can also leave it up to your students to come up with the activity! The only rule? Have fun!

I hope that the End of Year Countdown Chain is a FUN and EASY way for you to close out the year!

Sign up below for your End of Year Countdown Chain!

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