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Spring Themed Passages


Spring Passages: 10 Fiction and 10 Nonfiction

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Give students multiple opportunities to master their reading comprehension skills using these short fiction and nonfiction passages that are all about Spring! Each Spring passage has 3-4 text-based questions and an open response, text dependent question! The passages were intentionally kept short so that students can practice returning to the text for evidence in order to answer text-dependent questions before moving on to longer passages.

What's Included?

There are 10 nonfiction passages and 10 fictional passages the students will read about common Spring topics:

✏ Saint Patrick's Day

✏ Leprechauns

✏ Spring

✏ Spring Activities

✏ Easter

✏ Earth Day

What will students practice?

✔ Noting Details

✔ Inferencing

✔ Vocabulary Comprehension

✔ Cause and Effect

✔ Poem Analysis

✔ Open-Ended Questions

On-the-Surface Questions

How can they be used?

☆ Close reading

☆ Guided reading

☆ Shared reading

☆ Assessments

☆ Homework

☆ Centers

Students can work with partners or independently.

I've also included a cover page if you'd like to staple them and make a packet out of them! Students can work at their own pace in completing the reading.

The passages are excellent for second graders but can also be used for first grade students that are ready for rigorous text.