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Parent and Student BTS Surveys (Editable)


Parent and Student BTS Surveys (Editable)

Number of Pages: 42


Get to know your students on a deeper level with these parent and student surveys! They come in two easy to make flip books! Plus they are editable so you customize your survey flip books!

Use them for:
✓ Back to School
✓ Open House
✓ First Day of School
✓ Meet the Teacher

Parent Survey
Find out important details about your students directly from their parents! You can get important information about:
✩ Their Child
✩ What their child likes to do for fun!
✩ Goals for their child
✩ Extra important information

Student Survey
Your students will give you great details to get to know them. Find out:
✩ Their Favorites
✩ What they like about school
✩ Their Goals for the Year
✩ About their Family

Editable Mini Flip Book
For your convenience, I've added 30 editable pages that you can use to customize the surveys and create exactly what you need! There are 4 different options to choose from that will make editing a breeze.