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Growth Mindset EVER GROWING Mega Bundle

Original price was: $100.00.Current price is: $49.00.

An EVERGROWING BUNDLE that includes all the current and future Growth Mindset resources that I create! Buy now before the price goes up!


This is an EVER GROWING resource. This means that anytime that I create a NEW growth mindset resource, you will automatically have access to it!  

Today, you will have INSTANT access to

  • Growth Mindset Brain Brochures
  • Growth Mindset Brain Slides
  • Growth Mindset 20 Reading Passages
  • Growth Mindset Positive Notes
  • Growth Mindset Testing Motivation
  • Growth Mindset Test Prep Banners
  • Growth Mindset Classroom Posters
  • Growth Mindset Bookmarks

In the future, when I add a new resource, I will personally email you and include a link to the site so you that can re-download it!

This is the lowest price the MEGA bundle will ever be! I will increase the price as I begin to add resources.

This is perfect for you if you are a Growth Mindset Teacher and plan to teach about a growth mindset to your students for the coming years.

Growth Mindset Creation Blueprint

Growth Mindset Lessons
When learning about a growth mindset it is imperative that teachers take time to provide instruction around mindset, use supporting activities, and reinforcement of the concept.  This resource includes:

  • Teacher lesson plans to teach about a growth mindset
  • Student mini-books to accompany the lessons
  • Digital slides to project the content of the mini-books

Growth Mindset Journals
Journal prompts that will get the students thinking and talking about a growth mindset. These are the perfect way to reinforce a growth mindset through the year without it taking up much of your time! Topics that are coming out:

  • Growth Mindset Journals: Your Mindset (Growth and Fixed Mindsets)
  • Growth Mindset Journals: Challenges & Perseverance
  • Growth Mindset Journals: About Our Brain

Growth Mindset Readers' Theater
In order for students to begin to adopt a growth mindset, they need to understand that their brain can grow, stretch and learn! These readers' theater plays will reinforce what students are learning about parts of their brain in a fun way!

Growth Mindset Bulletin Board
Cut out brains and facts about the brain to help reinforce what students have been learning!

Growth Mindset Morning Slides
Start the morning with a growth mindset message. Slides will be editable so you can add your own morning message.

If you have any questions, please email me at