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Growth Mindset Classroom Posters


Growth mindset posters for your classroom bulletin board.

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Developing a Growth Mindset Community is critical in helping students achieve their highest potential. Use these Growth Mindset Classroom Posters to encourage your students all year long. Post them all at once or share a few at a time to help cultivating a growth mindset classroom.

The materials I've included are research based ideas on how to motivate and encourage your students to have a growth mindset.

What's Included?

Classroom Posters: There are 24 classroom posters with I statements around growth mindset. Posters are available in color and black and white! All posters have the adorable Dot Dudes in the design.

I've selected 4 important areas of having a growth mindset to create the posters. The areas are:

✏ Effort:Praising students for their effort instead of their achievement.

✏ Brain: Understand how the brain works and how it helps them to be successful.

✏ Challenges & Goals: Accepting that not everything is easy and that challenges are the best way to learn.

✏ Celebrating Approximations: They don't have to get everything “right” the first time, small steps towards a goal are important.

Bulletin Board Titles: Use the posters and the bulletin board headings to decorate your classroom. I've included two titles to choose from:

  • I have a Growth Mindset!
  • What do growth mindset learners say?

Two Different Styles: There are two styles to choose from Mixed fonts or Consistent fonts. Choose the one you like best! All posters have the adorable Dot Dudes in the design.

I want you to be successful in helping your students have a growth mindset. I've also included:

✓ Research about Growth Mindset (and Fixed Mindset)

✓ Creating A Growth Mindset Learning Environment

✓ Brief Explanations for each Growth Mindset area

✓ Growth Mindset Teaching Tips

There are 24 unique messages about having a growth mindset!

Examples are:

✩ I work on having a growth mindset daily!

✩ I make an effort to learn from others!

✩ My brain grows stronger every day.

✩ I have goals. I am dedicated to my future!

✩ I won't let a challenge stop me!

✩ If I make a mistake, I will try to learn from it!

✩ I started over, and now I'm on the right track.

✩ My “yet” power is strong.

✩ I give my brain chances to make strong connections.

✩ I am willing to take risks to learn new things.

Are you ready to cultivate a Growth Mindset classroom environment? All you need to do is print, copy and cut.