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Christmas Spin and Solve Math (Second Grade)


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Number of Pages: 21


Your student will practice essential second grade math skills with a fun twist! Use the Spin and Solve Christmas Math Review this season to provide students with meaningful ways to master second grade math skills. Every page has spinners making it hands-on, fun and engaging! Plus it's easy to prep! Just Print, Copy and Go!

What's included?

There are 2 pages for each of the following skills.

  • Read & Write #s to 1,000
  • Add up to 4 two digit #s (3 pages)
  • Odd and Even (3 pages)
  • Counting On & Counting Back
  • + & – without regrouping (word problems)
  • + & – with regrouping
  • Doubles Addition
  • Place Value
  • Making 10
  • + & – fluency
  • + & – 10 or 100
  • Bar Graphs
  • Comparing Numbers

Why teachers love SPINNERS?

The spinners allow for students to have multiple practices. You can use the same page OVER and OVER again since students will get different numbers every time they spin!

Your students will love using the spinners and you'll love that they get multiple opportunities to master a skill!

When should I use these?

These printables are perfect to help with mastery of a concept. An initial conceptual lesson should have already been taught. These pages are used to help solidify the skill before moving on to higher-level thinking problems.