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Butterflies Reading and Comprehension (Informational Text, Story and Poem)


Informational Text, Stories and Poems all about butterflies.

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Number of Pages: 80


One product with 3 Texts all about butterflies! (Informational Text, a Fictional Story, and a Non-Fiction Poem)

Each literature type has 4-7 printables that are Common Core aligned and cover many of the ELA standards within the 3 major clusters: Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas.

What's included?

Everything you need your students to know about Butterflies is included! The following topics are covered:

Life Cycle: Egg
Life Cycle: Larva
Life Cycle: Pupa
Life Cycle: Adult Butterfly
Characteristics: Head
Characteristics: Thorax and Abdomen
Food: What do caterpillars eat?
Food: What do butterflies eat?
Adaptations: Poison
Adaptations: Eyespots
Adaptations: Camouflage
Adaptations: Mimicry

The following skills are practice with the printables:

  • Comprehension/Purpose of the Text
  • Main Idea and Details
  • Author's Craft
  • Author’s Message
  • Character Point of View
  • Inferencing
  • Story Structure
  • Character Analyzing
  • Character Comparison
  • Character and Setting
  • Visualizing
  • Facts and Details
  • Analyzing Poetry
  • There are

Teacher Mini-Lessons on:

  • Activating Prior Knowledge
  • Vocabulary Suggestions
  • Visual Cue Cards
  • Making Connections
  • Reading with Voice
  • Student Discussion Activities

The story and poem are both originals that I've written. I enjoyed writing these two fun and interesting pieces that I know 2nd and 3rd grade students will enjoy! Fun, relevant and educational…what more could you ask for!

You can use these in small student-led cooperative groups, whole class, small instructional groups, at a literacy center and so much more!


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Classroom Connections
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