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Bees Reading and Comprehension (Informational, Story, and Poem)


Read informational text, a story and a poem all about bees!

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Number of Pages: 75


One product with 3 Texts all about BEES! (Informational Text, a Fictional Story, and a Non-Fiction Poem)

Each text type has 4-7 printables that are Common Core aligned and cover many of the ELA standards within the 3 major clusters: Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas.

If you are learning about a honey bee's life cycle then this for you! The following topics are covered:

Page 1

Life Cycle: Egg

Life Cycle: Larva

Life Cycle: Pupa

Life Cycle: Adult Bee

Page 2

Hardest Worker: Life of a Female Bee

Hardest Worker: In the Hive

Hardest Worker Outside the Hive

Page 3

a fun Informational Sheet about Bees

Please note: it does not have information about bees' characteristics, such as head, thorax etc.

The following skills are practice with the printables:

Comprehension/Purpose of the Text

Main Idea and Details

Author's Craft

Author’s Message

Character Point of View


Story Structure


Facts and Details

Analyzing Poetry

There are Teacher Mini-Lessons on:

•Activating Prior Knowledge

•Vocabulary Suggestions

•Chronological Order

•Sequence of Events

•Repetition: Literary Technique

•Student Discussion Activities

The story and poem are both originals that I've written. I enjoyed writing these two fun and interesting pieces that I know 2nd and 3rd grade students will enjoy! Fun, relevant and educational…what more could you ask for!

You can use these in small student-led cooperative groups, whole class, small instructional groups, at a literacy center and so much more!