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Back to School: 1st Grade {Print and Go}


Back to School: 1st Grade {Print and Go}

Number of Pages: 67


First grade teachers, this is just what you need as you head back to school! Use this packet as a review of Kindergarten skills while you transition your new first graders into your class. These are skills that a first grader should be able to do independently making it perfect for the first few days of school when you are teaching and practicing rules and procedures.

Below is a list of some of the skills this 62 page resource will review:
Reading Review
✓ Letter Sounds
✓ Beginning Letter Sound
✓ Ending Letter Sound
✓ Syllabication
✓ Short Sounds
✓ Long Sounds
✓ Spelling CVC words
✓ Spelling long vowel words
✓ Sentence Comprehension
✓ Story Comprehension

Writing Review
✓ Writing Sentences
✓ Capital Letters
✓ Punctuation Marks
✓ Story Writing
✓ Opinion Writing
✓ Narrative Writing
✓ Sequence of Events Writing

Math Review
✓ Number Bonds
✓ Counting to 20
✓ Skip Counting by 5s and 10s
✓ Comparing Numbers
✓ Addition and Subtraction to 10
✓ Writing Addition Sentences

This back to school resource can be used for:
☆ Back To School Night
☆ Meet the Teacher Day
☆ First few weeks homework
☆ Review packets
☆ Small group instruction

You can make 2 or 3 stapled packets out of this one unit. Start with a cover and then take a few pages of each topic to create a stapled packet.