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Teacher Expectations Make a Difference

As an instructional coach, one of my big passions is helping teachers help their students! I feel invigorated when the practices or solutions we've come up with start to work. Then I thought, geez, why don't I blog about it?!

So, my notebook is filled with ideas and I'm ready to share with you some techniques to use in your classroom with your students to help them achieve!

A teachers expectations makes a big difference in classroom management! Having a growth mindset with your classmates goes a long way!

Let me start by telling you some honest truths that I learned the hard way!

As a new teacher, I knew how important it was to have high expectations of my students. I'd hear things like “All can achieve.” “Expect only the best.” “We teach students not curriculum.” Even though I had high expectations for them, they weren't performing to the level that I “expected” them to. Rookie mistake…

My rookie mistake was that while I had high expectations, I wasn't communicating that to my students. I knew what I expected from them, but they did not. So it was no wonder that my students didn't meet my level of expectation… I never told them what I expected, worse yet, I never showed them. Ha!!! I can laugh now. But those first few years were frustrating.

If you have high expectation for your students, make sure to

share those expectations with them over and over!

Build your students us so the are ready for success!

Below are my most recent blog posts for this series:

I'm truly inetersted in hearing from you! Leave a comment below and share with me, when it comes to teacher expectations, what is your biggest struggle?

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