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Students’ Summer Bucket List

We still have 10 days of school…but believe me, summer is on the brain! The students at my school are getting quite squirrelly! This is the perfect time to get kiddos thinking about summer but still working academically.


Start by having your students brainstorming ideas they would like to do over the summer!

Here are 20 ideas you can share with your students:

  1. Create a fort
  2. Go camping in the backyard
  3. Have a water balloon fight
  4. Have a water gun fight
  5. Sidewalk Art (use chalk to draw on the sidewalk)
  6. Read a book
  7. Take a nap under a tree
  8. Learn to …  ride a bike, skateboard (anything outdoors)
  9. Learn to… bake cookies, bake brownies, make pancakes (anything cooking related)
  10. Go to a new park
  11. Write a letter to someone and mail it
  12. Perform a magic show
  13. Paint rocks
  14. Visit a zoo, museum, children's museum, aquarium, theme park, farm etc.
  15. Make a journal – write observations of things in their backyard, at the zoo, at the park etc.
  16. Create a treasure hunt  for younger siblings
  17. Make fresh lemonade
  18. Have a lemonade stand
  19. Cut paper and make a card for someone – birthday, get well, love note
  20. Write and direct a short movie! (Smart phones make this so easy now-a-days.)

Then have kiddos make their list! Of course, there are a ton more ideas and I'm sure your kiddos could get pretty creative.

To get the free bucket list printables, sign up for my FREE Resource Library. The printables are in the library. Plus you'll get access to many more resources.

What do kids do once their list is done?

The learning doesn't end when the list is done! Use their list as a springboard to other content areas!

Connect to Speaking and Listening
Part of speaking and listening standards to communicate opinions and to listen actively. The students' bucket lists are the perfect way to tie in the standards. Have students share their list in complete sentences and have the students respond to what they heard.

Connect to Writing

Before writing, have students orally rehearse with a partner how they would convince a parent to do one or two of the ideas on their bucket list. They need to come up with reasons too! Then they can write to persuade a friend to complete their buckets list with them!

Connect to Math
Let the students price out two or three of their ideas. They can shop on Amazon or visit the zoo's website. If you give the students a budget, they could see how many items on their list they could do with that budget.

I hope your kiddos love working on their list! If you do introduce a summer bucket list to your students, I'd love to hear some of the ideas they come up with! Just add a comment below!Your students will stay engaged the last few days of the end of the year writing their own Summer Bucket List. It's a perfect way to have an end of year activity even if summer is right around the corner.

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