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Should Students Sit in a Circle for Class Meetings?

You already know that classroom meetings are an excellent community-building tool but you may be asking yourself, is it really necessary for my students to sit in a circle for class meetings?

The short answer -Yes it is!

Why can’t they sit in rows, or even stay at their desks? Let's dig into my top 10 reasons why students should sit in a circle for class meetings.

children in a classroom sitting in a circle with blog title should students sit in a circle during class meetings

Top 10 reasons why students should sit in a circle for class meeting:

  1. A circle is an open, inviting seating arrangement. After all, the main point of the classroom meeting is to create a safe, inviting space for your students to start their day.
  2. It allows everyone in the class to see each other.
  3. Students can make eye contact with everyone in the community, which is key to building a strong community.
  4. A circle promotes equitable seating. No one is in the “front” or “back” of the class.
  5. No one is looking at the back of someone else’s head, which helps to promote attentiveness and engagement among all students.
  6. Everyone has an equal opportunity to see the board or other materials, which helps with focus.
  7. Passing the greeting is much more efficient in a circle than if you’re trying to coordinate zigzagging from row to row or table to table.
  8. Inviting students to the “rug” or “meeting space” makes meeting time a special event in your day.
  9. A circle arrangement is ideal for many classroom meeting activities and games. Kicking things off with students already seated in a circle cuts down on transition time during the meeting.
  10. It’s easier for you, as the teacher, to navigate around a circle rather than weaving through rows of students. This can be particularly helpful if you have students who need extra support staying focused or engaged.

Having students sit in a circle for class meetings helps to promote an open, inclusive environment, which is precisely the type of community you want to create for your students.

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