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Reminder Parent Notes (Editable)


Keep parents updated with these reminder notes. With 96 notes, you’re sure to find what you need.

Number of Pages: 92


Need to send parents a reminder? Use these reminder notes to keep parents up to date on important school and classroom events. You get 92 notes that are ready for you to print and send with a reminder for school and class events!

OR…if you prefer to have your own message, use the 86 editable notes to make the note your own! Add all of the details you need so parents are informed on the event.

What's Included?

There are two versions of the same notes. One set includes “tomorrow” in the message and the editable version will have space for you to add details.

Please see the preview for a complete list of Tomorrow Notes and Editable Notes.

Simple Reminders

✱ Remember to….

✱ Remember to bring lunch

✱ Remember to bring a snack

Money Related Reminders

✱ Lunch money reminder

✱ Lunch account reminder

Parent Meetings

✱ Parent/Teacher Conference

✱ Principal meeting (two version)

✱ PTO Meeting

Academic Reminders

✱ Art Day

✱ Math Test

✱ Chapter Test

✱ Science Project due

Calendar Events

✱ No School

✱ Half Day

✱ Minimum Day

Classroom Events

✱ Awards Ceremony

✱ Field Trip (two versions)

✱ Classroom Party (two versions)

✱ Halloween Party (two versions)

School Events

✱ Book Fair Starts

✱ Picture Day (two versions)

✱ No Uniforms

✱ Back to School Night (two versions)

✱ Science Night

✱ Picnic Day

✱ School Performance (two versions)

Spirit Days

✱ Crazy Hair Day

✱ Crazy Socks Day

✱ Pajama Day

✱ Hat Day

There are 4 notes per page! All you need to do is print, copy and cut. An easy way to store them is in a index card box or coupon accordion file.