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Reindeer Reading and Writing Bundle

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Reindeer Reading and Writing Bundle!

Number of Pages: 92


This is the perfect bundle to buy this season! I've bundled up this month's most popular item: Reindeer Reading and Writing! Plus it includes a reindeer craftivity!

Reindeer Readings (Informational, Story, and Poem)

Reindeer: Reading Comprehension Unit has 3 Types of Text!One product with Informational Text, a Fictional Story, and a Poem. Each text type has 4-7 printables that are Common Core aligned and cover many of the ELA standards within the 3 major clusters: Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure, and Integration of Knowledge and Ideas.

The following topics are covered in the printables:

Comprehension/Purpose of the Text

Comprehension-Sketch It

Main Idea and Details

Text Features

Meaning of Words

Compare and Contrast

Author’s Message


Story Structure

Character Analyzing

Analyzing Events


Facts and Details

Analyzing Poetry

The story and poem are both originals that I've written. I enjoyed writing these 2 fun and interesting pieces that I know 2nd and 3rd grade students will enjoy! Fun, relevant and educational…what more could you ask for!

Reindeer Informative Writing with Craftivity

This Reindeer Writing Pack is just what you need to help your students write their informative Reindeer reports. It includes:

♦Note-taking Organizers

♦ Cover pages

♦ Table of Content and Glossary pages

♦Report pages with a space for drawings (primary lines)

♦Report pages with a space for drawing (regular lines)

♦Extra Pages to add the report