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Positive Notes: School to Home


53 fun and positive notes to send home!


Number of Pages: 95


Sending positive notes home to parents just got easier. With these ready-made positive student notes, you can let parents know how their child is doing without the stress of writing a long note. Parents and students love getting these motivational notes! There are 51 different notes available in English and Spanish.

What's Included?

There are 53 notes in English and Spanish. Individual notes are to recognize individual student achievements. Whole class notes are smaller and meant to be stapled at the top of a page.


Individual Student Notes

There are 4 notes to a page. Use these individual notes when a student has earned special recognition. Examples are:

Everyday notes:

• Your child had a great day!

• My teacher is proud of me because….

• I reached my goal! It was….

• I was a good friend today!

• I listened and followed directions!

• Guess what I learned in math today?

• I read a great book today! Ask me about it!

• I remembered to share today!

• I made good choices at recess!

• I shared a great idea in class!

• ______ you rocked at __________

• Let's celebrate because _________


Seasonal Notes:

• I had a great first week of school!

• I had a fa”boo”lous day!

• I had a “Spook”tacular day!

• I am thankful your child is in my class!

• I am lucky to have your child in my class!

• Hope your summer is a splash!