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MORE Positive Notes to Send Home


MORE Positive Notes to Send Home

Number of Pages: 30


MORE POSITIVE NOTES…added by popular demand! Now you can use MORE fun and positive notes to encourage and motivate your students! Have them share the notes with their parents to let them know their child is doing great in school! There are 30 different notes!

Your students are going to love these Positive Notes!

Examples are:
✱ Attitude is everything!
✱ Light bulb moment
✱ Wild about learning
✱ You are one smart cookie!
✱ Skies the limits!
✱ You got this!
✱ Dream BIG!
✱ Believe in yourself!
✱ Expect the Best!
✱ Reach for the Stars
And many more!

All you need to do is print, copy and cut. An easy way to store them is in a index card box or coupon accordion file.

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