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Guess the Image – December


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Number of Pages: 40 images (160 slides)
File Size: 10.35 MB


A whole class game that can be played virtually or in-person where students guess what the image is. They’ll get two visual clues from the image before they are asked to guess. Use this fun game in the month of December during this time of distance learning.

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What's included in this resource?

This game can be used in class, or during distance learning; just share your screen with students or project in class. It is available as a PowerPoint and digital GoogleSlides.

There are a total of 40 images; 8 images per theme. The themes are:

  • Christmas
  • Busy Elf
  • Circus Fun
  • Things that Start with the Letter S
  • Challenge (The challenge images do not have a theme.)

How to Play

  1. Press Present in the GoogleSlides™.
  2. Share your screen with the students.
  3. Students will have two clues before they have to guess the image.


How can you use it?

You can split the class into teams or have them all play at once. Play one theme at a time or a few a day.

  • Friday Fun
  • Brain breaks
  • Get-to-Know You Ice Breaker
  • Class Meetings
  • Inferencing
  • To Practice Partner Sharing

Ready to use break out rooms a little more? Use the game to have students interacting with each other for short periods of time. Build their stamina while having fun!