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Growth Mindset Test Prep Motivation Banners


Testing Motivation Banners with a Growth Mindset theme

Number of Pages: 30


Use these Growth Mindset Test Prep Banners to encourage your students to be motivated to do their best on a test, but hopefully eliminate as much of the stress as possible. Help them continue their growth mindset by understanding that one test cannot adequately assess all of the hard work they’ve done leading up to this point.

What's Included?

Write-In Banners: Choose from 12 banners to have students reflect on how they will prepare for the upcoming test maintain a growth mindset during testing. On these banners the students will have space to write their thoughts and ideas. There are plenty of options; pick and choose which will be the best message your class needs to hear.


★ My Positive Testing Mindset

★ My Goal Mindset

★ Secret Agent Testing Badge

★ #goals Do My Best on the Test

★ Doodle a Hero

★ Getting Prepared

★ Ways to Rock the Test

Coloring Banners: These 8 black and white banners all have positive Growth Mindset messages for the students to colors.

Ready-Made Banners: The Ready-Made banners are the colored version of the black and white banners. Ready for you to print and decorate your classroom right away!!