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Growth Mindset Positive Notes


Growth Mindset notes to give to students and communicate with their parents.

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Developing a Growth Mindset Community is critical in helping students achieve their highest potential. These growth mindset notes will help you promote a positive classroom environment where students are praised for effort and feel comfortable taking academic risks.

The materials I've included are research-based ideas on how to motivate and encourage your students to have a growth mindset. And now when you want to praise them, you can use these ready-to-go cards! Share them with the child and make sure they send them home so that parents know how their child is cultivating a growth mindset, as well.

I've selected 4 important areas of having a growth mindset and created cards to match them. The areas are:

✏ Effort: Praising students for their effort instead of their achievement.

✏ Brain: Understand how the brain works and how it helps them to be successful.

✏ Challenges & Goals: Accepting that not everything is easy and that challenges are the best way to learn.

✏ Celebrating Approximations: They don't have to get everything “right” the first time, small steps towards a goal are important.

I want you to be successful in helping your students have a growth mindset. I've included:

✓ Research about Growth Mindset (and Fixed Mindset)

✓ Creating A Growth Mindset Learning Environment

✓ Growth Mindset Anchor Charts

✓ Brief Explanations for each Growth Mindset area

✓ Growth Mindset Teaching Tips

There are 40 unique messages about having a growth mindset!

Each message has 4 cards, 2 girls and 2 boys, for a total of 160 cards!

Examples are:

✩ I chose not to give up!

✩ Your ideas matter. Thanks for sharing.

✩ My effort is my path to success!

✩ I believe in myself!

✩ I'm going to try again tomorrow!

✩ I'm not giving up!

✩ I made a mistake today, but I learned…

✩ I started over and now I'm on the right track.

✩ This challenge is helping my brain make connections.

✩ I believe my brain is a muscle that can grow.

✩ I'm willing to take risks to learn new things.

✩ I like to try new things.