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Growth Mindset Brain Facts PowerPoint


This Growth Mindset Brain Fact PowerPoint can be used to learn all about the brain! Learn the different parts of the brain and how a growth mindset helps the development of the brain.

Number of Pages: 79


If you are incorporating growth mindset in your classroom, then learning about the brain is a must. Use this Growth Mindset Brain Facts PowerPoint to talk all about the different parts of the brain and why having a growth mindset is important.

What's included?

There are 8 topics to help teach about the brain!

  1. Your Amazing Brain
  2. A Learning Brain
  3. Your Growth Mindset Brain
  4. Your Cerebellum
  5. Your Frontal Lobe
  6. Your Temporal Lobe
  7. Your Occipital Lobe
  8. Your Parietal Lobe

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Students will learn about each of the lobes in the brain and…
✔ Where is it located?

✔ What does it do?

✔ New Learning (how that part of the brain helps with new learning)

✔ Growth Mindset

This resource was created to complement the Growth Mindset Brain Brochures. Use both resources in tandem. Project the slides and students follow along in the brochure! Buy the Growth Mindset Growing MEGA Bundle and get all future resources that I create for FREE!