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Growth Mindset: 20 Reading Passages


10 nonfiction and 10 fictional passages all about growth mindset!

Number of Pages: 31


These Growth Mindset themed, no prep, short passages includes 10 nonfiction and 10 fictional passages for second and third grade students. They're an excellent way to practicing close reading skills! The passages are engaging and will motivate students to read. Each passage has 3-4 text-based questions and an open response, text dependent question!

In the nonfiction and fictional passages the students will read different topics around having a growth mindset.

Topics Included:

★ Your Awesome Brain

★ Strengthen your Brain

★ Effort

★ Make More Mistakes

★ Power of Yet

★ Take the Challenge

★ Don't Be Afraid of Feedback

★ Bio on Thomas Edison

★ Encouraging Others

★ Positive Self-Talk

It also includes teacher support pages that help start growth mindset in your classroom.

Comprehension skills covered:

✔ Noting Details

✔ Inferencing

✔ Vocabulary Comprehension

✔ Character Traits

✔ Plot

✔ Cause and Effect

✔ Poem Analysis

✔ Open-Ended Questions

✔ On-the-Surface Questions

I highly recommend you read these whole class so that you can have discussion around the topics. However, you can also use these passages for close reading, guided reading, shared reading, assessments, homework or centers. Students can work with partners or independently.

I've also included a cover page if you'd like to staple them and make a packet out of them! Students can work at their own pace in completing the reading.