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First Week of School Teacher Plans


First Week of School: Teacher Plans

Number of Pages: 150+


This resource is filled with information for you to launch a successful first week of school. It includes complete lesson plans for the first day of school and plan ideas and resources to choose from for the first weeks of school. This is especially helpful if you are a new teacher to first, second, or third grade!


What's included?

This easy-to-follow guide has over 150 pages of everything you need to start a successful first week of school. You'll receive:


  • First Day of School Plans and Printables
  • First Week of School Ideas and Printables
  • Planning templates
  • “Getting Organized” Tips and Planning Pages
  • Classroom Management Tips and Ideas
  • Editable Teacher Letter
  • Bulletin Board Letters


First Day of School Teacher Plans 

There are detailed plans for your first day of school. All you need to do is plug in the times. Use all the ideas or the ones that best suit you! I've included blank planning pages for the rest of the week. Just plug in ideas from the resources that I provide.

First Week: Activities, Student Pages, and Materials 

Everything you need to make this week a success. I've included ice-breaker ideas, math ideas, trade books to read (not included), activities to do, fun take-home pages for the students to use, and a colorful banner to welcome your students! While most of the materials and activities are provided, when relevant to the topic, I've added links to materials that are not included in this product. However, you do not need any of these materials, they are only additional suggestions.

Getting Organized will help you get organized the week before school starts.

It's filled with checklists and ideas on what you need to get done, from decorating your room to ensuring you've got all the baskets you need. Show your students you care before they even step foot in your class by sending a student letter home! I've included a sample letter and editable letter templates!

Classroom Management 

Ideas and resources are provided on what to do this first week. Set the stage for an engaging year by having high expectations and clear procedures! There are visual reminder cards for the procedures you'd like your class to practice, including checklists to ensure you've addressed each procedure thoroughly. I've included scenarios to reinforce the procedures you've been working on with your students.

Classroom Management – Procedures and Routines

Be an effective teacher by being prepared and ready for your students right from the start! I’ve included ideas on norms, rules, and/or procedures. Including detailed notes on how to implement the procedures in your class.

  • How to Teach Procedures and Routines
  • Interacting Procedures
  • Student-to-Student Procedures
  • Morning Procedures
  • Dismissal Procedures

Editable Presentation Slides

These PowerPoint slides correspond with the procedures and routine checklists. The slides include a heading and an image. You will need to add your procedure. *Please note: The slides do not come with procedures on them.

Scenario Slides

Use the scenario slides to share a short scenario of a student and how he or she needs to follow the classroom procedure. They are a perfect way to review procedures after students have practiced with them.