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End of Year Game Shout It Out {3rd Grade}


End of Year Shout It Out Game {3rd Grade}

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Your third graders will enjoy this End of the Year Game as they face-off to answer Math and ELA questions! Keep your students academically engaged while having a fun time. Your second graders will have a blast facing off while showing off all they've learned this year and will leave them wanting more!

The class is set up into two teams going head to head answering second grade Math and ELA questions! Students can earn a point for getting the answer correct and the student that answers first gets a second point!

This is a perfect way to review 3rd grade concepts. Some of the concepts covered include:

✔ Area
✔ Perimeter
✔ Fractions
✔ Adding fractions
✔ Comparing fractions
✔ Subtracting fractions
✔ Equivalent fractions
✔ Rounding to the nearest 10
✔ Rounding to the nearest 100

✔ Superlatives
✔ Irregular plural nouns
✔ Capitalization rules
✔ Prefixes and suffixes

Play this game over and over! The game is played using PowerPoint! The game has a total of 45 slides! Use 10-15 slides to play a short 10 minute game or 20-30 slides for a longer game. Plus, you are able to move slides around so that students do not memorize the order the of the game.

You must have PowerPoint to play this game. Please look at the preview for a better idea on how to play the game!