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3rd Grade End of Year Math Review with a Twist


End of the Year math printables your students will love!

Number of Pages: 37 print + 40 digital slides
File Size: 12.97 MB


End of the year math review for 3rd grade can be FUN! 3rd Grade End of Year Math Review is not your typical math printables…this is math review with a twist! A digital version has been added!

What's Included?

With this resource, your students will be engaged and having fun all while reviewing what they've learned throughout the year. There are 40 print + 40 digital slides!

The 3rd grade math concepts being reviewed:

✔ Addition and Subtraction with regrouping 3 digits

✔ Word Problems: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

✔ Number Fluency: multiplication and division

✔ Fractions

✔ Graphing

✔ Elapsed Time

✔ Area and Perimeter

✔ Rounding to the nearest 10

Why They'll Love It

Your students will review this year's math concepts in a fun way! They will get:

☆ summertime jokes

☆ knock knock jokes

☆ cell phone text messages

☆ spin the wheel

☆ color by code

☆ cootie catchers (print version only)

What's In the Digital Version?

The digital version has most of the same slides as the print except for the cootie catchers. It is also interactive:

☆ Spin and Solve

☆ Drag and Drop

☆ Silly Jokes

☆ Cut and Paste

*Please look at the video preview above for a clear picture of the resource.

Note: The spin and solve problems use a video of a spinning wheel. If your district doesn't allow video usage in Google Slides. I've created an alternative! You can use the spinning wheel website to spin the wheel.