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2nd Grade End of Year Math Review with a Twist


End of Year Math Printables that review 2nd grade standards that your students will love!

Number of Pages: 38 print + 37 digital
File Size: 6.96 MB


End of the year math review for 2nd grade can be FUN! 2nd Grade End of Year Math Review is not your typical math printables…this is math review with a twist! A digital version has been added!

What's Included?

With this resource, your students will be engaged and having fun all while reviewing what they've learned throughout the year. There are 38 print + 38 digital slides!

2nd Grade Math Concepts that are included:

✔ Addition with and without regrouping (2-digits & 3-digits)

✔ Subtraction with and without regrouping (2-digits & 3-digits)

✔ Word Problems: addition, subtraction, and multiplication

✔ Addition Fact Fluency

✔ Subtraction Fact Fluency

✔ Multiplication Fact Fluency

✔ Solid Shapes

✔ Graphing

✔ Telling Time

✔ Comparing Numbers



Why They'll Love It

Your students will review this year's math concepts in a fun way! They will get:

☆ summertime jokes

☆ knock knock jokes

☆ cell phone text messages

☆ spin the wheel

☆ cootie catchers (print version only)


What's In the Digital Version?

The digital version has most of the same slides as the print except for the cootie catchers. It is also interactive:

☆ Spin and Solve

☆ Drag and Drop

☆ Silly Jokes

☆ Cut and Paste


*Please look at the video preview above for a clear picture of the resource.


♥Why You'll LOVE it!♥

Here is what teacher-buyers had to say about this resource!


♥ “I am so excited to have found this! I needed something meaningful for my students to do the last few days of school and this is perfect and I am certain they will be excited to complete this! It is clever and helpful!”- Buyer


♥ “It was good to find something a little bit different – this is a lot of fun.” -Natalie G.


♥ “Purchased on recommendation from another teacher and I'm so glad I did! My kiddos loved it.” – Katrina W.