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End of Year: Letter Writing Lessons and More (2nd Grade)


End of Year: Letter Writing Lessons and More (2nd Grade)

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The end of the year is the perfect time to have students write letters. Teaching letter writing can be easy and fun. This resource includes everything you need to make the last few days of teaching a breeze!

It's the perfect way to end the year as students reflect on all they've learned and done.

What's included?

✏ Four Lessons Plans
✏ Anchor Charts
✏ Sentence Starters
✏ Friendly Letter Example
✏ Friendly Letter Labeling Headings
✏ Graphic Organizers
✏ Rough Draft Pages
✏ Final Draft Pages

Who will the students write to?
Your students can write to anyone after these lessons! I've specifically included graphic organizers to write to:

✓ Future 2nd Grader
✓ Next Year's 3rd Grade Teacher
✓ Current 2nd Grade Teacher
✓ Classroom Buddy
✓ Parent Helper
✓ Principal