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End of Year Friend Interview Mini-Book {1st-3rd grade}


End of Year Friend Interview Mini-Book {1st-3rd grade}

Number of Pages: 55


This mini-book is the perfect end of the year activity to celebrate the friendships and memories that are created throughout the year. Students review the year all while practicing their speaking skills in an interview style!

Interview topics are fun, engaging and relevant!
✎ School
✎ Friendships
✎ Building Character
✎ Recess
✎ If you could….
✎ This or That
✎ Memorable Moments
✎ Our Teacher
✎ Books
✎ Student Author
✎ Next Year
✎ Your Future
✎ If you were a Pirate
✎ Favorite Color
✎ Yummy Ice-Cream
✎ T.V. Time
✎ You're a Super Hero
✎ Do You Dare?
✎ Winter or Summer
✎ Do you YouTube?

Perfect for the last few weeks of the school year. Print, copy, and staple!

Students can interview one student or 15 students, you decide! Make it work for you!
Option 1: Each student is paired up and only interviews one friend filling out the whole mini-book. There are 15 pages for this option.

Option 2: Each student interviews a different student for each page in the mini-book. There are 13 pages for this option.

*Please note there is not a difference between the single person interview pages and the multiple interview pages except for the spot to write the names of the people being interviewed.