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2nd Grade End Of Year ELA Task Cards DIGITAL and Print


End of the Year task cards to review ELA skills.

Number of Pages: 20 print +24 digital


These 2nd grade end of year ELA task cards are perfect for keeping students engaged at the end of the year! They are a fun and engaging way to review second grade standards.

What will the 2nd Grade ELA task cards review?

✓ Long vowels/ short vowels

✓ Rhymes

✓ Adjectives

✓ Plural Nouns

✓ Proper Nouns

✓ Past Tense

✓ Compound Words


✓ Character

✓ Problem/Solution

✓ Fact/Opinion

✓ Compare and Contrast

✓ Opinion writing

Digital Version

The digital version has the same questions as the task cards.

  • Use with Google Slides
  • Includes a 3-page Teacher Guide PDF

✏️ Print Version

This resource comes with 24 different cards; some task cards have multiple questions per card. Plenty to use in a day or spread out throughout the week.

I've also included different variations on how to use these task cards.

Variations include:

Scoot Game

Whole Class Game

Ticket Out/In the Door

This is the perfect way to get the students up and moving around the room but still working! They burn off energy and practice ELA standards!