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*Elf Notes to Your Class (Digital and Print)


Number of Pages: 50 + 45 digital


Have your elf leave your class notes every morning! Includes journal pages to write about their elf! They are huge time saver and includes ideas on where to place your elf!

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There's An Elf In Our Classroom Bundle

These elf notes are easy to use and a big time saver! Choose the note for the day and watch your students' faces light up!

Day 1

Start with Day 1 when you introduce the elf to your class. There is a letter from Santa explaining that they will have an elf visiting until Christmas. The elf flies back to the North Pole overnight and reports to Santa! Day 1 also includes a tally graph for naming your elf and an All About Our Elf information sheet.

Notes from your Elf

After day 1, the elf will move around the room and have a note attached. Included are 20 elf notes for you to read to your students each morning. Believe me, your class will be excited to receive a new note each morning.

Each note will have a message from the elf. The content of each note varies but the topics below are included:

-How to share the spirit of Christmas

-Life in the North Pole (from an elf's perspective)

-What your elf likes to do

-Elf jokes

-Positive encouragement for positive behavior

Each note also includes ideas of where to place the elf in the classroom.

Elf Journal

Your students can keep track of what their elf has been up to do in their journal! A cover page and different journal options have been included. Primary-lined and regular lined paper are included too.

If you've done something like this before, you know how much students love their elf and adding these notes just makes that much more fun. If you haven't done this before, you won't regret it! Your students will look forward to coming to school each morning in anticipation of the elf note! Make it a special and memorable holiday for them.

Editable Notes

I've included two blank notes that you can edit to include your own specific message for the class. The notes will open in Keynote or PowerPoint, where you can type your message and easily print. I've included instructions.

Please note that the actual elf does not come with this product. You can use any store-bought elf though.