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Election 2020 Passages and Mock Election


Number of Pages: 28 slides + 29 print
File Size: 14.52 MB


Not sure how to teach your students about the elections? These no prep, short passages are excellent for second graders to learn all about an election and practice reading comprehension – in a fun and nonpolitical way!! Engage your students in whole-class discussion and even a mock election. Everything is available in print or digital. Perfect for distance learning or hybrid learning.

What's included?

Everything you need to teach your students about an election has been included.

Reading Passages

  • What is voting?
  • Why is voting important?
  • What is an election?
  • United States Presidents
  • Who to vote for?
  • Political Parties

Please note: There is not a reading passage about the primaries, caucuses, or electoral college votes.

Comprehension skills covered:

✔ Noting Details

✔ Inferencing

✔ Vocabulary Comprehension

✔ Sequence of Events

✔ Open-Ended Questions

✔ On-the-Surface Questions


Mock Election

Have students put everything they learned into practice by having a mock election. You can do what you feel most comfortable sharing with students.

I've provided two option:

  • Presidential Candidates – Students will read about our two Presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. They will read facts about each candidates such as political history and where they went to school.
  • Animal Candidates – Rex Rhino and Charles Cheetah are running for president. Each candidate has a fact sheet so students can learn more about them.


Both mock elections have:

  • Voter registration information
  • Voter registration form
  • Voter information on the candidates
  • Voting Ballot
  • Voting Tally Sheet


The digital and print version have the same resources. You can choose to vote with a paper/pencil ballot OR a digital ballot using Google Forms™


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Need support going digital?

I've included a 3-page teacher PDF with directions on how to retrieve your digital resource, upload to Google Classroom™ and assign to your students!

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