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Reindeer {Informational Text, Story, and Poem} – Digital and Print


Three types of text All About Reindeer

Number of Pages: 73
File Size: 9.83 MB


Keep your students engaged by reading all about reindeer this Christmas season using informational text, a story narrative, and a poem! Each text includes mini-lessons and comprehension pages.

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Reindeer: Reading and Writing Bundle


I've provided two ways to interact with the informational text:

  • Magazine Style with two columns per page
  • Full Page which can be used for close reading and annotating

Informational Reindeer Subheadings:

  • Habitat
  • Diet
  • Migration
  • Adaptations: Fur, Hooves, and Noses

It also includes an All About Reindeer page including a diagram and images with captions.

What's included:

  • Vocabulary Words (picture and definition cards) include: lichen, Arctic Tundra, herd, adaptation, camouflage, and migration
  • Reindeer KWL Chart
  • Text Features Mini-Lesson
  • Stop and Jot Annotating Page
  • Whole-Class Discussion Questions
  • Text-Based and Text-Dependent Comprehension Questions
  • Knew and New Facts
  • More Comprehension Pages focusing on Main Ideas and Details, Text Features, Meaning of Words, and Facts & Details.


The story narrative is called “Roxie Learns to Skate” and it's about a reindeer, named Roxie Reindeer, who is perfect at everything until her class went ice-skating. Roxie is no good on skates, and is ready to give up until an unexpected friend, Fanny Fox, encourages her to keep trying. Fanny Fox teaches Roxie how to skate and a great lesson on perseverance.

What's Included:

  • Fantasy Mini-Lesson
  • Whole-Class Discussion Questions
  • Text-Based and Text-Dependent Questions
  • Comprehension Pages: Story Structure, Pivotal Passage, Character Point of View, and Author's Message.


A proud reindeer boasts about what makes reindeers special in “Mighty Reindeer.”

What's Included:

  • Poetry Elements Mini-Lesson
  • Visualizing Mini-Lesson
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Inferencing
  • A Closer Look at Poetry

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES (not available digitally)

  • My Book About Reindeer Mini-Book
  • Answer Keys

The story and poem are both originals that I've written. I enjoyed writing these 2 fun and interesting pieces that I know 2nd and 3rd grade students will enjoy! Fun, relevant and educational…what more could you ask for!

You can use these in small student-led cooperative groups, whole class, small instructional groups, at a literacy center and so much more!