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Making Meaningful Connections with Students with One Note A Day

I'm sure we can all agree that distance learning is not the same as in-class teaching. One challenge that teachers are having is making meaningful connections with their students. Sometimes a “good job” on-screen doesn't seem to have the same effect as a “good-job” in person! However, you still can connect with students and make a difference in their motivation by surprising students and handing out one note a day!

Send Students a Note

You can make meaningful connections with your students during this time of distance learning by giving them a positive note! It's one simple tool that can make big difference. You can share a note for multiple reasons, to…

  • encourage
  • show them you care
  • give positive feedback
  • acknowledge their effort
  • reinforce positive behaviors

One Note a Day Challenge

The One Note a Day Challenge came about because I wanted an alternative way to acknowledge and celebrate students work and efforts in a way that didn't involve stickers or candy.

The challenge has two parts; Can you give out a note each day of the month? Can you slow down just a little in your day to find reasons to reward a student?

When you stop to look and find what your students are doing well; you will find what you're looking for. In fact, because you are taking the time to intentionally find a reason to give a postive note, you are going to observe so many actions/behaviors worthy of a positive note!


Everyone wins with positive notes! The student receiving the note will be surprised, motivated, and happy that you took the time to acknowledge their work, efforts, or behavior.

You will be happy and excited for the student to receive the note, as well!

The connection between you and your student will strengthen. Building trust, a sense of belonging, and knowledge that you care. Can one little note do all of that? Yes! Talk about a win-win!

Craft Your Message

While writing a note shouldn't take you too long. Make sure your message goes one step further than just “good job.”

Give the student a concrete example of what they did to earn this positive note. When a teacher praises actions or tasks that a student โ€œdoesโ€ the child will attribute his success to his own effort!

For example: โ€œGreat job Nathan on finishing your story. I noticed when you got stuck you asked Karen for feedback.โ€

Join the One Note a Day Challenge

Now, you can use a sticky note or a plain email to send your students a positive note. But if you'd rather, you can use the positive notes that I've already created for you!

Join the One Note a Day Challenge! When you sign up to join the challenge, you will receive editable notes for four weeks -enough to share with students for the next 30 days!

Are you distance learning? No problem, I will show you how you can change your note to a digital note to email to your students.

Want to be ready with even MORE positive notes >> You can have over 50 positive notes!

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