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How To Share Digital Positive Notes during Distance Learning

Handing out paper notes isn't as easy while we are distance learning as it would be if we were in class. Luckily, sending digital positive notes is an easy solution! It's a fun, quick, and easy way to make meaningful connections with your students. Let me share with you how quick and easy it can be to share digital positive notes with your students.

Fun Digital Notes

What makes digital notes so fun? First off, they are editable! That means you can type your message right into the note. No need to print and then write. Second, you can edit the phrase too! I have some encouraging phrases typed for you on the notes but if you want to use your own phrase you can! The images are colorful, super cute, and will grab your students' attention right away! The how-to video below is a quick tutorial on how to edit both the content of your message and the note's phrase!

If you are reading this and don't have your digital positive notes yet, you can have them for FREE! Click here to sign up and you'll get your first set of notes emailed to you right away!

Quick and Easy for Mac Users

I'm a Mac user so I created this quick video to show you how to:

  • edit the notes
  • take a screenshot of the notes

Once you've taken a screenshot, the computer converts the image to a png; a fancy word for a picture. Now you are set to send your digital note!

Quick and Easy for PC Users

For my PC friends, I didn't want to leave you hanging. This quick video has four different ways to screenshot using a PC. Some of the terms he said sound foreign to me but again I'm sure that is because I'm not a PC user. However, each suggestion is quick and seems fairly simple to use.

Sending Your Digital Note

To send your digital note to your student, you can attach that screenshot/picture to an email, or send it through GoogleClassroom or Seesaw. Basically, however you typically send messages to your class is the same way you'll send the picture of your digital note.

I hope that the two videos have been helpful in showing you how to send digital positive notes to your students. If you are interested in receiving these digital positive notes for FREE, click here to sign up!

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