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Halloween Fun for Early Readers

I love Fall..if you've read any of my blog posts lately you will quickly come to that conclusion all on your own.

Partly, it's the weather but mostly it's because of Halloween and Thanksgiving. I just love these two holidays. Halloween was always so much fun growing up. It's close to my brother's birthday so we almost always a had a Halloween/Birthday Party. I such great memories of us all dressing up and going trick-or-treating with friends.

Plus living in Southern California I get to be near lots of theme parks that change just for this special day. Knott's Berry Farm turns into Knott's Scary Farm. Believe me… it is scary. They have ghouls and monsters roaming around the park with the sole purpose of scaring people. Every year, I go and every year, I get scared and every year, I swear I will not go back… but then I do.

Anyway..since I love Halloween…and I am sure 99% of kids love Halloween too… we need to take advantage!

Halloween characters are easy to integrate into our students' learning!

Let's look at what you can try!

Rhyming Words

Students can practice rhyming words by playing a match game! I also included a recording sheet so that students can show their learning.

a grace-filled classroom, Halloween, short vowel game, short vowel

Short Vowel Words Sort

Help the little witch sort her candy. Each candy has a short vowel word. Students read the words and sort them into the correct candy bag!
a grace-filled classroom, Halloween, short vowel game, short vowel

Short Vowel Words Game

This is my favorite game! The students start with all the cards face down. Each card had a kid in a costume, they turn over the card and read it. If they read it correctly, they can keep it. If not, they put it back in the pile. ….but watch out for the little ghost that wants to scare those trick-or-treaters. Whatever they do…they need to stay away from the haunted house. If they turn over the haunted house, the game is over and the student with the most correct words is the winner.
a grace-filled classroom, Halloween, short vowel game, short vowel
I hope these Halloween games are a hit with your kiddos!

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