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Leprechaun Writing Prompts and Craftivity

Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with your 2nd grade students with these fun leprechaun writing prompts and craftivity!

Just the way students are open to believing in magical elves that come into your classroom around Christmas time, all students are ready to hunt down leprechauns for their pot of gold in March! I love it!

A few years ago, I had a group of first grade students that were enamored with leprechauns. They loved every book I read to them about leprechauns. At recess time, they spent their entire time on their hands and knees looking through the grass blades for signs of leprechauns. And when the classroom looked a little messy, their logical explanation was that it must have been some mischievous leprechauns. (Not them…ha!)

I will never forget, when one of my students, in the middle of a math lesson raised his hand and swore to the class that he had just seen a leprechaun dart by on the floor. As you can imagine, the lesson was abruptly over and the search for a leprechaun began. And really, at that moment… it was funny to see my whole class searching for a tiny, green-suited man!

Leprechaun Writing Prompts

Enter Patrick McDoodle! He's a funny little leprechaun that has writing  prompts for your students! They are already getting creative and using their imagination, right? Now you just get them to write about them!

Here are the prompts that you can use this Saint Patrick's Day to get your students writing!

  1. If I Had a Leprechaun
  2. The Lost Leprechaun
  3. If I Had a Pot of…
  4. My Leprechaun Story

Now to make it even more fun, each prompt has a little story written by Patrick McDoodle! That's right! The writing prompt cards all have a little leprechaun sharing a leprechaun story with your class!  

Leprechaun Craftivity

When students are done writing about their leprechaun, they can add a beard, a hat and some funny shoes! Students pick their favorite prompt and attach it the leprechaun's body!

Use the leprechaun writing prompts and craftivity to decorate your classroom in March and add some festive cheer!

Free Leprechaun Writing Prompt

One prompt (without the leprechaun craftivity) is available for free in my resource library. If you're already a member just login in and enjoy. If you're not a member yet, click below to join and have this resource for FREE instantly.

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