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Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Ideas for Second Grade!

Here are some fun Saint Patrick's Day ideas for second grade! This month students will create an adorable leprechaun and write all about leprechauns, read about leprechauns, and use their guessing skills in a whole class game!

Leprechaun Writing Prompt and Craftivity

One of my favorite ways to get students writing is to incorporate it with a monthly theme! Just the mention of leprechauns gets the students excited! Let's capitalize on the excitement and get students to write creatively about leprechauns!

By this time of year, second graders are using prompts to write fictional stories and personal narratives. It's key that students slow down and understand what the prompt is asking.

With these leprechaun writing task cards, a little leprechaun named Patrick McDoodle introduces the prompt! Making it extra fun to write! Here are the prompts included in this resource:

  • “If I Had a Pot of…”
  • “The Lost Leprechaun”
  • “If I Had a Leprechaun”
  • “My Leprechaun Story”

After students write their narrative, it's time to make a leprechaun! Take the students' writing add a funny hat and shoes, a bright orange beard, and a lucky shamrock!

Students can glue their writing to a sheet of construction paper to use as the body of their leprechaun! You can check out this Leprechaun Writing Prompts and Craftivity here!

Leprechaun Readers' Theater

This month, an easy way to build in fluency practice for your second graders is with readers' theater! This is one of my favorite Saint Patrick's Day ideas for second grade because I get a kick out of the students' reactions when they realize how mischievous the leprechauns are in the play.

Your class will love these plays that are all about leprechauns. These leprechauns are clever, mischievous, and ready to share their adventures with your class. The plays are a complete story so the passages are longer.

There are 3 plays with either 3 or 4 characters.

  • The Trickiest Leprechaun
  • Being Mischievous
  • Catching a Leprechaun

Each play comes with name tags for the students to wear and popsicle stick signs. You can choose what the students will wear or hold while reading their play to the class. This March Readers' Theater is the perfect addition to this month's activities.

March Guess the Image

In this whole class game, you only reveal a tiny part of a picture! Is it enough?


Your students will quickly get excited about trying to guess the image!

Showing the second clue is often a game-changer! Students feel affirmed in what they think it might be or they start changing their minds. This nurtures students' skills in paying attention to detail and improves their inferencing skills!

Before revealing the image, you can have a lively discussion with students about what they think the image is and how they got to that conclusion!

Use the game during class meetings, Fun Friday, or as a Brain Break! Regardless of how you use it, your second graders will look forward to the game and beg to play! Click here to check out March Guess the Image!

We love to use these Saint Patrick's Day Ideas for Second Grade. I hope they are just as much fun for you to enhance your studentsโ€™ learning this month!

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