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Five Simple “Hearts and Minds” Moments

I thought I would share 5 moments from this week that really stood out for me in terms of making sure we are feeding our students hearts and minds!

In the midsts of all the business that happens in our week, it's so important to look back and reflect on what am I doing to ensure that my students hearts and minds are being fed?

And to me… small moments and big moments all count!


a grace-filled classroom teacher ideas for the primary classroom

Feeding Hearts

As an instructional coach, I like to read up on current educational issues! But I think I might have gone over board this week! Ha! The Amazon delivery truck visited my house quite a few times this week! I am so excited about all them, though.

I can't wait to blog about what I learn from Formative Five and The Growth Mindset Coaching! But I'll share a little blurb now that really resonated with me and I believe whole heartedly.

When your students understand that their intelligence is not limited, they succeed like never before. You can motivate your students to believe in themselves and achieve anything.

Isn't that jus the most amazing message a book could give! I am really looking forward to diving into this book!

Feeding Hearts

a grace-filled classroom teacher ideas for the primary classroom

Wow! Just wow! The Target Dollar Spot gets me again!

That area is dangerous.

The banner is a cute addition to any classroom! I love the mailbox for classroom notes. Since it's gold, it could be used year round. The arrow clips and the “to/from” clips were just too cute to pass up! Seriously! The stickers, erasers and heart tattoos  are perfect classroom gifts to give to teachers I am working with. I hope that they bring a surprising bit of joy to brighten their days!


Feeding Hearts and Minds

a grace-filled classroom teacher ideas for the primary classroom

This is my kinder friend that loves puzzles. He does so well with them! In fact, he prefers puzzles over recess time sometimes. It is also a perfect way for him to regroup when he is having a hard day.

Teacher Tip: Do you every have student that needs a “time out” or time to cool off? f you have students that sometimes needs a break or he/she might melt down, consider using big puzzles. A big puzzle will take about 2-3 minutes to put together, it distracts the student with a new task, and at the end you have something positive to praise them with! Instead of power struggle with the student, he/she gets a break, you get a break, and you have feedback for the student that will help move him/her forward. Win – win- win!

Feeding Minds

a grace-filled classroom teacher ideas for the primary classroom

Dictation to the rescue!

I've been working with a teacher in first grade and I happened to be their during their dictation time.  I was so impressed how well these little firsties were getting at spelling their long sound words.

You know how hard switching from working with short sounds to long sounds can be! The key for dictation to be a success is that you need to consistently make time for it every day!

If you don't use dictation but would like to learn more about it, comment below! I can share with you simple steps to set this up in your class!

Feeding Hearts

a grace-filled classroom teacher ideas for the primary classroom

This light board, in the assistant principal's office, brought the biggest smile to my face this week! I mean how cool is this. Now she can change her positive message weekly and all the students that visit get a small dose of positivity in their day! Focusing on a mindset of growth makes a big difference in students' lives. I am seriously considering getting one now!


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