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Engaging Earth Day Activities for 2nd Grade

Earth Day is a special day that allows us to come together to celebrate the planet and make a positive impact. It’s an opportunity for us to engage in meaningful conversations with our students about the importance of protecting our planet. But how do we spark curiosity in our 2nd-graders and inspire them to take action? Here are 3 engaging Earth Day activities to help your 2nd graders make a difference on Earth Day.

Go Green in the Classroom

One way to excite your students about Earth Day is to go green in the classroom! Encourage creative thinking on how they can make a positive impact by reducing waste or saving classroom energy.

Here are some Earth Day activities you can use immediately: start a recycling program in your classroom, turn off the lights and use natural light during silent reading, or have students bring reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones. It's an exciting opportunity for them to learn more about protecting our planet while having fun at the same time.

Have Meaningful Conversations

Use Earth Day as an opportunity to open up conversations with your students about environmental issues like global warming and climate change. Explain why it’s important that we all work together to protect our planet and what small changes they can make to help out. Ask them questions like “What kind of things would you do if you had the power to make big changes?” and “What small change can you make today?”

Encourage your students to think outside the box when it comes to taking action for Earth Day. Remind them that even small gestures can make a big difference! Suggest activities like picking up trash at local parks, planting trees, or creating art projects using recycled materials. These activities will give them a sense of accomplishment while helping their community stay clean and green!

Having these Earth Day Reading Passages makes talking about environmental concerns a breeze! There are 10 Nonfiction Passages and 10 Fiction Passages that bring up many important topics and are age appropriate.

Teach Kids to Use Less Water and Electricity

One important way to show students the importance of caring for our planet is to teach them to limit their use of water and electricity. Talk to them about conserving resources by explaining why we need to save energy and water. Show your students how they can protect our planet by

  • turning off lights when not in use
  • using energy-efficient light bulbs
  • opening curtains to take advantage of natural light
  • turning off the water while brushing their teeth
  • taking faster showers
  • fixing any leaky faucets

Earth Day is an important day for all of us, but especially for young children who are just beginning to understand their role in protecting our planet. By taking time out of class on April 22nd or during Earth Week, you can show your 2nd-graders how they can make a difference and inspire them to keep fighting for environmental protection year-round! With these tips, you’ll be able to spark curiosity and help your students become more aware of their actions – no matter how small – that will ultimately lead us closer to a greener future!


I have created a set of reading passages that focus on Earth Day.  These short, no-prep reading passages include 10 fiction and 10 nonfiction passages that students can use to practice close reading skills.  The passages are engaging and motivating for students to read, and they teach students all about Earth Day and how to care for our Earth.

Want MORE Engaging Earth Day Activities? Click here >> 9 Easy Earth Day Activities for Kids


Earth Day 20 Reading Passages


I hope that this post has provided you with some engaging earth day activities. Be sure to save this post for future Earth Day ideas!  Just add the pin below to your favorite teaching or Earth Day board on Pinterest. 

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