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Create Resolutions with a Positive Mindset

Happy New Year!

It's that time of year again! Time to set resolutions!

Are you groaning?

Me too!

Resolutions are not my friend. After years and years of setting resolutions, I can attest that they rarely are achieved!


In more recent years I've adopted a healthier way of setting goals… I use mindset!

So how can our students set the right kind of goals in 2019?

You can encourage your students to adopt resolutions that encourage a positive mindset.

Setting mindset goals can be achieved with two simple tweaks to resolution setting.

Small Gains

In a positive mindset, small gains are celebrated. Anything that moves the students closer to meeting his or her goal is considered a win! A  positive mindset accepts failures or setbacks but sees them as an opportunity for growth!

Encourage your students to set goals that have small markers that they can achieve first.

Attach a Why

For example: “I want to learn to ride a bike.” would be a resolution with an end goal but there isn't a why attached. Instead, ask students what is their why behind their resolution.

“Why do you have this goal?

Why do you want to achieve this?

Why is this important to you?”

“I want to learn to ride a bike so that I can ride at the park with my dad.” This goal, now has a why. The student has a reason for fulling this goal. Not only did they learn to ride a bike but now they get to enjoy time with a parent!

The only other thing I would encourage teachers to do is to visit goals often. Goals shouldn't be a one and done kind of activity. If we really want our students to have a more positive mindset, we need to encourage them to set their goals and persevere!

Whether you went back to the classroom this week or you go back next week, it's no problem. You can easily try these ideas any time in the month of January! It is all about getting our students to be reflective and adopt a more positive mindset.

Happy New Year to you and your students!

Please leave a comment below and share how you and your students will be goal setting this year!

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