Go Back to School Feeling Prepared, No Matter What Your District Throws at You Last Minute!

If you teach 2nd or 3rd grade and feel anxious about how to start the school year with your students, this workshop is for you!

Back to School Workshop: Get Planned and Prepared in a Time of Uncertainty
A Solution to Ease Your Mind and
Jumpstart Your Planning

2 Hour Virtual Workshop

Walk away feeling confident knowing that you are prepared and able to start school without a hitch regardless of your school’s reopening scenario or get YOUR MONEY BACK!

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Are you panicking about what school is going to look like?

You might be thinking...

  • "I'm struggling with not knowing what my district will be doing when I return to school."
  • "I'm scared to think about how to even start the year."
  • "I have no clue what I am preparing for."
  • "I don't know how I'll connect with my students."
  • "I could really use some practical advice about how to start the year online and in hybrid situations."

In March of 2020, we found ourselves in a position that has never happened in the history of teaching; we CLOSED down schools. Teachers were asked to pivot their teaching without warning. In a matter of days, teachers had to learn how to navigate the virtual world, adjust expectations, and make new plans to teach students online. It is no surprise that teachers rose to the occasion and did whatever it took to make it work. That speaks to the power you have as a teacher.

But the truth is...

...it was stressful and hard.

Do not repeat that again! Although, the start of this school year is unlike any other. You don't have to scramble the way you did last Spring!

Let me help you with this live virtual workshop!

Don't wait until your district has a plan before you take action!

You can plan and feel prepared for this school year NOW.

During this live class, you'll learn... 

how to use my Classroom Connection Model™ to plan for the start of school so that you can ease the paralyzing feeling of not knowing how to start.

This is the solution to navigate any back to school scenario like a pro, whether you're a new teacher or have been teaching for years!

The Classroom Connection Model™ will help with FIVE classroom essentials.

This isn't more busy work! You will see how these five classroom essentials work together and can be easily integrated into what you already do to create a dynamic classroom - whether virtual or in-school! You might already be doing some of this but what I share is a system to make it all work cohesively.

Walk Away with...

  • Back to School Virtual Sample Schedules (full-day and half-day)
  • Routines and Procedure Phasing-In Document
  • First Day of School Suggestions, Ideas and Tips

You can make this 2020-2021 school year the best for your students by taking the time to intentionally plan what the school year will look and feel like. This is the solution to help your students thrive emotionally, socially and academically.

This is right for you if you've been feeling worried and thinking ...

You can PREPARE NOW regardless of the schedule.
Easily use the Classroom Connection Model™ with any reopening scenario.
You’ll walk away knowing exactly what your days can look like making it a breeze to plan.

Don't wait to plan! You can start PLANNING meaningful activities for your students now.
I'll share with you engaging activities that you can use with any scenario. You can easily plug them into your schedule, and feel relief knowing that you are more prepared to start the school year.

Connect by teaching to the HEART.
We know school is going to look different compared to any other school year. Regardless, you want to connect with your students in a special way! I'll share simple, yet powerful activities that will help you connect with students regardless if you are in-person or virtual.

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These BONUS resources will help you get planned and prepared!


Launch a success first week of school with complete lessons plans for the first day of school and support resources for the first weeks of school. (In-school and Virtual ideas and resources.)



Start your mornings with these fun, and colorful Fall-themed Morning Message Slides. You can edit by adding the date and your message! (PowerPoint and GoogleSlides options)



There are 24 editable templates for PowerPoint and GoogleSlides. Customize your letter so that you can create the perfect letter for your students before the first day of school.



32 PowerPoint slides with questions to help get to know each other and start to create a classroom community that values each other's ideas and opinions.



I'll work with your
teacher-on-summer schedule!

Choose the date that BEST works for you!

July 30th
@ 3pm PST

August 5th
@ 9am PST

August 8th
@ 8 am PST

Don't worry if you can't make it live! The sessions will be recorded, and you'll have immediate & lifetime access to the replay so you can watch whenever you want. You'll also get access to all of the BONUS resources.

This Workshop Is For You If...

You feel...

  • Your stress levels are over the top
  • Overwhelmed and anxious
  • Uncertain how to plan

You are ready for a solution to help you:

  • Ease the stress of going back to school
  • Easily create a plan for your school days
  • Effectively build connections with students

This Workshop Is Not For You If:

  • You do not teach 2nd or 3rd Grade
  • You only want a lesson plan
  • You aren't open to new solutions

About Laura

Hello, hello! I'm so excited you are here. If we haven't met before, I'm Laura of A Grace-Filled Classroom. I've been an elementary teacher since 2001 (wow...I feel old!) I have a passion for helping 2nd and 3rd grade teachers build strong classroom communities where students are engaged in rigorous learning and their social-emotional needs are met - all while being empowered with a growth mindset.

Why am I doing this? I posted a picture of the Target school section a few weeks back, and I got so many responses from teachers that shared their hesitation to go back to school! The biggest reason? Not having a school plan! Don't let not having a school plan stop you from getting ready for school. You don't want to repeat March of 2020! Don't wait to scramble around at the last minute.

I am an Instructional Coach for my school district and have been helping and coaching teachers for the last 6 years. Let me help you plan for your first week of school and take away the stress that is stemming from the messiness of this school year.