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2nd Grade End of Year Math Review

The weather is getting warmer, summer is on the horizon, and everyone is looking forward to the last day of school. But with all of the excitement looming for the end of the school year, are you noticing that it's a challenge to keep your students engaged? Do you have a bunch of end-of-year reviews on the planner and are struggling to find ways to get your students through it in a fun and creative way? If that sounds like you, then I have the perfect solution. I created this 2nd Grade End Of Year Math Review resource for this exact reason!

2nd grade end of year math review packet

End-of-Year Review with a Twist

With the 2nd Grade End of Year Math Review, your students will have fun while going over everything they've learned throughout the year. This isn't just your typical printables โ€” they come with a twist (and a digital version)! The variety of activities include jokes, games, and other highly engaging content. They're sure to pique your students' interest and make your end-of-year review meaningful and fun. Click Here to Check Out the Resource

2nd grade end of year math review subtraction with regrouping

Ready to hear your students' giggles fill the room? They'll have a great time solving review problems in the form of Summer Time and knock-knock jokes. And the best part for you? The activities are self-checking! Your students' correct responses will reveal the answers to the jokes.

End of year 2nd grade telling time cut and paste activity

We all know kids love anything technology related, so the cell phone text message activities are perfect for getting students excited about solving their review problems. Other fun options include cootie catchers and spin-the-wheel activities to keep things interesting. You can extend any spin the wheel activity by encouraging students to share their responses with their classmates. Different spins will give them different results, so have them check answers with a partner and compare and contrast their solutions!

2nd grade end of year math review graphing

Make it Digital!

Teaching virtually or just want to mix things up further? The digital version is a great option! Assign some or all of the 38 pages/slides for your students to complete digitally. The digital version has most of the same slides as the print (except for the cootie catchers). Your students will love the interactive nature of the digital activities, including spin and solve, drag and drop, cut and paste, and more!

What About the Math?

You've read how the activities in the 2nd Grade End of Year Math Review will keep your students engaged. But, as teachers, we also have to ensure the activities are meaningful. In this resource, I made sure to include plenty of activities that review key Second Grade concepts including:

2-digit and 3-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping

addition, subtraction, and multiplication fact fluency

world problems

solid shapes


telling time

comparing numbers

Your students will get a thorough review of the concepts they've learned this year!

2nd grade end of year math review add and subtract 100

Maintaining Momentum

This 2nd Grade End of Year Math Review is a great resource if you're looking to maintain momentum through the end of the school year with your students. I know the fun activities and games will keep them engaged. And you can be at ease that they'll be reviewing key concepts they've learned throughout the year. Grab the resource in my TpT store and watch your students' engagement levels shoot up as they complete each new fun activity.

2nd Grade End of Year Math Review pin

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